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The very best in the business at what we do




​Pipeline Utilities Contractor


  • New mains installation

  • Repair and Maintenance

  • Cross Country Pipelines

  • Full turnkey solution

  • Pipeline Commissioning

  • Reinstatement Contractor



Multiple pipe laying teams concentrated in North Wales and the North West with traveling teams operating throughout the UK


We have experienced pipelaying teams on long term contracts completing multiple jobs on a daily basis.


The resources and personal to complete the largest to the smallest schemes.



We have and continue to work for Water Companies, Principal contractors and small contractors.


Working with clients and specifiers we advise on the planning and construction of schemes to ensure installation and commissioning goes well

Innovative Solutions

Excel are committed to finding innovative solutions to our industries needs.


Our Piped App gives pipeline commissioning Quality Control an industry leading edge.

The site records that Piped delivers to our clients is comprehensive and unique to us.


Our manufacturing facility produces innovative equipment tailered for our industry with unique capabilities, saving money and time on site.


What we are about

“We have always been about being the very best there is, no compromise to quality or safety and if we need something we build it better than we can buy it.

Our clients benefit from this by getting a top quality job at an affordable rate”

Ian Mcdonald - Managing Director

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