What we can deliver


Excel CS specialise in the commissioning of pipelines and pipework for the Utilities industry.

We have skilled, experienced and qualified site technicians who ensure the work on site is completed as efficiently as it can be.

Our many years of experience, technical inovations and in house manufacturing facilities give us capabilities our competitors can only dream of.

Commissioning Planning

Preperaing an achievable commissioning plan saves time and money.

Excel visit site to gather information on flow rates, test pressures, elevation changes, discharge points etc.

Flow rates and pressures can be measured during the initial survey.

A comprehensive commissioning plan is then prepared in consultation with the clients requirements and specification and delivered electronically along with an accurate commissioning programme and cost of the work.


Chlorination and Dechlorination

Our chlorination services use our bespoke chlorination units and trailers which can handle flows of up to 6000 ltrs/min.

Flow rate is all important on large pipelines, our high flow trailers can save days and £££'s

All measurements are carried out using digital photometers.

Produced in house we use sodium hypochlorite to chlorinate and sodium bisulphate for dechlorination.

Flow rates, chlorination strength, chlorine discharge levels are all recorded electronically on our Piped app

Pressure Testing 

Excel have the in house expertise and equipment to tackle any pressure testing job.

Water pipelines are tested in accordance with IGN 4 1 3 and water company specifications.

Our fleet of pressure test pumps up to flows of 500 ltrs/min and 200 bar allow us to test quickly and correctly.

Our Piped App allows our site technicians to interperate test results immediately testing is complete.

Test certificates are produced elctronically and accessed by logging on to the Piped server.

Other Services 

We offer other associated services;

Electofusion Welding - EUSR qualified

Mechanical jointing - EUSR qualified

Swabbing and Swab tracking

Leak Detection

Flow and pressure measurement 

Dry riser testing