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How we give you the best records possible of our site operations


Piped - On site with Smartphone or tablet

Piped is our new industry leading pipeline data management mobile App.


With piped the whole of the pipeline commissioning process is recorded on site using a smartphone or tablet with a clear and easy to use interface.


The app has been designed with large easy to operate functions for field operations.


How does Piped work ?


  • It locates processes and tasks by gps

  • Record photos are required at critical steps

  • It automatically calculates volumes of water used

  • It calculates PE pressure test results

  • It calculates DI pressure test results

  • It gathers sampling data

  • It sends out alerts if tests or samples fail.

  • Piped syncs with our server


Piped - In the office on

Once Piped is synced with the server the data is accessible.


  • Logon is by user name and password

  • All the information entered into the mobile device is presented in a clear and easy to read format.

  • All info can be downloaded in pdf format

  • PE and DI pressure test certificates are generated automatically.

  • Pressure testing all in accoradnce with IGN 4 1 03

  • Once the data is on the server reports can be extracted as required utilising any of the data i.e length of main pressure tested in July

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